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Wireless Locks – Do They Make Sense For You?

The electromechanical locks have really come a very long way in past 10 years, their main development being in wireless locks industry. Wireless locks are an extremely hot commodity nowadays as they cut on one among the key hassles of installing access control systems – wiring.


As present day access control devices are relatively new developments, mostly they are installed in the pre-existing buildings. It presents an exclusive set of challenges as far as running wiring from the lock to control room is considered, which, more frequently than not, is not even located on same floor.

Actually, we are lucky enough if control room is there in same building. Due to this, locksmiths need to run the wires through ceilings, walls, and at times even underground. All this difficult wiring means quickly adding up the costs.

Upfront, most of the wireless locks cost nearly twice that of hardwired lock, but just do not forget the savings that you will get on back end, bypassing that pricey and pesky wiring.

The wireless locks also possess the card reader that is built in the lock, negating need to have card reader affixed on the building. The end result? A less cluttered, cleaner look to opening.


Yes. like with any other product, there always are a few disadvantages. It is up to you completely to weigh them and decide which product can work the best for your specific facility. Below are some issues you may want to think about.


The wireless locks get their power from battery and not from power grid. They also are locks that actually “talk” to their hosts at certain intervals that are determined by you. So, more a lock “talks” to host, more power of battery it uses. Based on how frequently you’ve your lock set so as to check will determine how frequently you need to change the batteries. Wireless locks use battery power also when they read card, so the amount of card reads that you have each day will also affect how long the batteries last.


Based on how you’ve your locks set to move in, there could be gap in time when lock isn’t communicating with host. Due to this, it isn’t always possible to go into lockdown immediately.


As far as wireless locks are considered, you’ve the choice of two different kinds. The first lets the lock to speak to hubs hardwired to the host back. The other is competent of talking to the host directly with the usage of wireless signals.

The kind of wireless locks which talk to different hubs needs the hubs to be installed also, and installed within certain proximity of lock. This can really be quite challenging based on the building’s layout.

The wireless locks which speak to the host directly, while not needing various hubs within certain range, are quite susceptible to both security breaches and wireless chatter.

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