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Wireless locks might appear like a needless luxury, but for anybody in access control industry, these present a relatively new and welcoming ally in the fight to install and develop access control systems efficiently and quickly across fast business environments. Where aesthetics and fast installations are vital, wireless locks mean added doors can be linked seamlessly to an existing or new access control system. The installation is fast, straightforward and simple.

The Advantages Of Wireless Locks

Until recently, lock and access control industries were separate beasts, but birth of wireless locks has really bridged the gap between them, enabling mechanical locks to get wirelessly linked to access control systems without the requirement to modify doors or door frames. These keyless systems also mean that there is no requirement for new mechanical keys or cabling every time any new door is put to system.

The work and cost involved in implementing the keyless entry in access control systems has meant that only around 10 percent of the doors on an average in a building tend to be managed by access controls. This means 90 percent still require keys; keys which can get lost, need to get replaced and need to be managed. This also means that often security has lost out in budgeting of the access control system. Now, the wireless locks have severely reduced the installation as well as administration cost of such keyless systems.

Taking Access Control Systems Online

The actual leap forward for the wireless lock technology has been the arrival of online, real-time control. Taking your own access control systems online means that the authorized user can control the whole access control systems from a computer, laptop or tablet, anywhere in world. You can easily and quickly delete or alter access right for certain key card, lock and unlock certain doors and supervise an unlimited amount of users and doors.

Imagine the situation; you are hosting a very important business meeting together with some potential clients. You reach to assigned meeting room, but you cannot open the door. As online access offers instant updating of your room authorizations, a fast call to security desk, a few clicks of mouse and hey, your credentials get updated and door is opened.

Keyless Entry With The Wireless Door Locks – Huge Benefits And Low Risks

Certainly, taking your system online gets its own security hazards. But an access control system that is worth its salt can transmit data with strong encryption and the advantages are great. Wireless locking technology quickly has taken off in banking and corporate sectors and now is taking even the education industry by storm. Universities, mainly, are seeing the advantage of being capable to not only wirelessly control the main entrance to buildings but an entire range of doors in the building.

In reality, anywhere that uses access control systems could advantage from wireless locks. They are perfect marriage of convenience and security, something that is frequently hard to attain when electronic security is considered. Your current access points can quickly be retrofitted with wireless locks and it is quite certain that this kind of keyless entry can become a standard of access control system in the future.

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