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Unlocking the Advantages of Access Control

The “Access control locks” tends to be a type of a mystifying term in the lock and door business. When I was given a post on the access control lock, my instant reaction was along the line of, “But are not all locks access control locks technically?” While speaking technically, that’s true, as the real point of lock is access control, nowadays most of the people in lock industry think of keyless entry while they think of access control.

The access control locks possess a lot of advantages. With the way, the technology is advancing, particularly in smart locks, the access control systems are certain to be next big thing. Though, right now, they are a tad pricey still – even the basic of them – so it is important to inspect their advantages before you decide on to buy one.


Some businesses have a high turnover prices naturally than others. It can result in worry about lost key or workers not returning key when they leave, in turn, which can lead to a rekeying of every door in the entire facility. It is a great example of facility which would advantage from the access control locks. So, the lesser keys are given out, less a facility’s manager needs to worry of those keys getting ‘stolen’ or lost. With access control, codes can be instead given out. It is much simpler to change a code for locks than rekeying the whole building.


Just as telling your most favorite joke or like going in for kiss on your first date, timing tends to be everything! Same rule applies also to the access control locks. In case, you hand over a key to someone, they have the ability now to come as well as go as they delight through any door which key opens. In case you replace the locks with new access control locks, now you have the capability to restrict entry, enabling access only to certain employees during programmed hours of day.


A great thing about the access control lock is that a few offer audits about who has left and entered your building along with at what day and time. While I’d have no other usage for this feature than to be nosy only and see who is leaving from workplace at what time, the facility managers can utilize it in the case of a break in or a theft. It can help find out who was there in the office at what time. So, it’s quite like solving a life game of Clues, but without the murder hopefully.


During construction of new facility, or in case you’ve employees who get irritable when vending machines runs out of the Cheetos, you may have to allow tradespeople or vendors, to access your facilities. I’m ready to bet that you probably do not wish to provide them their own key. The access control locks let you to do better: Give them their own code. They will feel very special! Unless they use it after the code has expired; after that they’ll just feel sad probably.

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